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Information for refugees Gehört zum Bereich Integration, Migration

With the following information, we hope to help refugees arriving in NRW. You will find information on accommodation and important procedures. In addition, you will find the names and contact information of those administrators responsible for the district council of Arnsberg.

Frequently asked questions Gehört zum Bereich Integration, Migration

of the arriving refugees  mehrwww.bra.nrw.de/3056323

Reallocation within NRW or to NRW Gehört zum Bereich Integration, Migration

Once you have been assigned to a particular city or municipality in NRW, you may be able to request a change successfully under certain circumstances.  mehrwww.bra.nrw.de/3057138

Allocation to a municipality in NRW Gehört zum Bereich Integration, Migration

The district council of Arnsberg is responsible for allocating refugees to all 396 municipalities within North Rhine Westphalia.  mehrwww.bra.nrw.de/3057104



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